Designer Jobs - Top 5 Designer Job Opportunities in 2011

A design is one's own piece of art. This kind of talent or skill is either a gift or a long learned journey to success. A designer is an individual who designs certain things. Designers bring out innovative and creative ideas into pictured reality.

Designer jobs have very profitable potentials. The key to success is patience. Being patient and moving slowly but surely is the best attitude in order to attain that ultimate dream job.

2011 began with a bang as job opportunities in design are on the rise. Many fields that are seeing growth are: architecture design, engineering design, landscape design, urban design, interior design, furniture design, graphic design, industrial design, interaction design, packaging design, web design, and the most famous of them all, which both men and women are addicted to these days, is fashion design.

Here are the top 5 designer job opportunities:
  • Interior design jobs- if you acquire a degree in fine arts majoring in interior design this category will be a good spot for you. Job opportunities now in this area are more likely to prosper due the economic recovery. Major companies who are managing this kind of work are definitely finding some suitable and professional interior designers with a lot of experience and capacity to do work in their respective specialties. These specific creations that you are making for a beneficial factor not only to the company itself, but also by creating your name as you trademark. Success is achieved with perseverance and hard work.

  • Fashion Design - fashion is a trend, it's a legacy. The clothing industry employs certain fashion designers and they give a boost to all the fashion statements we are expressing each season or each day.

  • Web designer jobs - As the internet is part of our way of living this day, making a few changes in our life as technology flourishes is not just a trend, but a lifestyle. Web designers create new and innovative developments. The job availability in this field is very diverse and a lot of competitive companies are finding the best web designers in order to have a successful business.

  • Graphic design - like web designers, graphic designers are also influenced and made by computer technology.

  • Architectural design - This field of design is definitely one of the most sought out designer jobs in the world. This probably is the most in demand designer job in the country.
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