Design Jobs - How to excel in design opportunities

Design jobs are one of the highest paid jobs today. Product design jobs create a wide range of clients from household to industrial, and most industrial design jobs earn good pay. A product design career is a combination of engineering, art and business. Product developers and designers, also known as industrial and commercial designers, play a major role in creating objects.

Design jobs, such as product design jobs, include designing and developing cars, gadgets, appliances, houses, kitchen and living room products, children's toys and many more. With creativity, the right materials and proper research a product is created.

Large corporations, design firms and manufacturing entities employ designers and they usually work 40 hours a week. There are also designers who are self employed and they work with longer hours depending on their schedules and projects. They work different schedules depending on their clients' needs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, architectural, engineering, specialized design services and management are among the highest levels of employment and design jobs. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that commercial and industrial designers receive an annual salary that ranges from $31, 400 to $ 97,770.

There are various career opportunities in design jobs. To excel in design jobs and in this field requires a lot of determination and focus from you, aside from the artistic and good imagination you have. The following are helpful tips in order to excel in design opportunities.
  • Get proper education. If you want to excel and have a career in designs, you have to get the proper education and training. A lot of employment and design opportunities will come and open doors for you if you have the skills, knowledge and understanding of theories. Employers will be looking for applicants who have good educational backgrounds whether it is a degree in engineering design, architectural design or industrial design. To excel and expand your career in design, good basic fundamentals and experiences are needed.

  • Have hands-on experience in designing. It is important to get experience in designing products or prototypes. An internship in a design firm can increase your skills and learning of the actual design process. You can also find a part time work in a design company while getting a degree. This is a valuable experience that you will need in the future to excel in design opportunities.

  • Get a masters degree. Having a master's degree will help you excel in your profession. Employment opportunities and good positions will be offered to you if you have a master's degree. You will be paid more and your knowledge will be expanded if you get a master's degree in your area of expertise.

  • Develop good communication skills. To excel in different design careers, you must be a good communicator. Your ideas of the product have to be conveyed verbally, visually and in writing. It is also important for designers to be knowledgeable in the use of computers to aid them in their communication. Most of the designs now are computer-aided and use design software to produce a good product.

  • Create a portfolio. Compile a portfolio of all your designs and products to show your clients your capabilities. Most companies, firms and clients will want to see your portfolio in order to assess you of what you can do for your company or if you suit the job they are offering. This will give you the edge among other applicants who are also vying for the design jobs.

  • Network and get connected with other product designers, manufacturers, firms and other design groups. These different groups will help you get the different opportunities that you can get. This will increase your exposure and get recommendations for a possible position you want as a designer. These will eventually help you excel in different design opportunities that come along your way.
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