Career in Graphic Design in Various Creative Industries

Creative Director
Art/Creative Directors handle a creative team that may design work for various industries as: magazines, television, advertising graphics, websites, or on packaging.

There could be various positions within a creative team as layout artists, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, and menial staff to do the work. An Art Director is to see the maximum utilization of people in his team they finish their work within specified deadline and is as per client's needs. Art directors take decisions along the lines of should the background be slate grey or cobalt blue. They inevitably have come from some kind of marketing or sales background and need no prior graphic design knowledge or skill.

Senior Designer

A Senior Designer is responsible for the visual aspects of a company. A Senior Designer requires a larger widescreen monitor which will be decorated variously with fluffy pink bits marketing people send through on a daily basis. A Senior Designer will be involved in the elements of a company's look such as business cards, stationery, packaging design, media advertising graphics, promotional design, and sticking up pictures of topless 'hunks'.

Graphic Designer
The Graphic Designer provides a new and exciting way to express the key information of a company or product through a dynamic image or use of typography. Graphic Designers collect information from the client and using the Internet to scab some free clip art, fashion their own ripped off logo designs in order to fleece the client for all they are worth.

Layout Artists
Main function of Layout Artists and Art workers is to churning out pages and layouts on Mac PC. Sometimes they receive a 100 page brochure layed out in Microsoft word and Art workers duty is to make it publishable. They are required to recognized smallest of font and color images that take a good bollocking. The art workers require the ability to design magazines, design brochures, design flyers, design books and design posters. He harbors murder fantasies.

Illustrators are the one who fantasize a lot and have lot of creativity, away from practical life. They generally have long grey hair and are influenced by prog rock. Illustrators are not clock watchers and hence are good for working from home. They put their own unique spin on whatever brief they are given.

Web Designers
Web designer's job is to create the pages, layout, and graphics for web pages. They have technical expertise using c++ coding language to impress other geeks and will beaver away doing whatever it is geeks do for hours on end. They design and develop the navigation tools of a site which will for design websites involve tiny text.
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