Gain Total Image Control as a Professional Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop is the most important tool in graphic design jobs. In industry there is no other program that comes even close to the utilities provided to people to learn how to use even one-tenth of the program's capability.

In February 2010 it will be the 20th anniversary of shipping of Adobe Photoshop 1 by a pair of brothers - Thomas and John Knoll. Their father was a professional photographer and thus these brothers had a great degree of darkroom exposure. They also had a great love for the emerging computer technologies in the time. During their early days the brothers went to work for Industrial Light and Magic - the George Lucas special effects company specifically created to work on Star Wars.

Many other companies tried to get in the competitive market, but Photoshop remains supreme and the most used photo editing tool. Although today's version supports more than 40 names of contributors to the creation of the program.

The brothers were highly disappointed with the available programs used for image manipulation as in many cases they were just so inadequate that it forced them to start writing their own programs. This might have inspired them to produce the regional Photoshop that is now on the hard drive on almost every graphic designer in the world.

Photoshop has been designed as the modern-day darkroom. The arrival of the digital age has led to manipulating images to a computer programming rather than previous techniques acquired in the darkroom. Now, digital photography has replaced traditional film-based shooting, still nearly all images created today have a digital base. Photoshop also provides that darkroom environment needed by today's modern photographer and photo editor.

Photoshop helps in the standard photo manipulations including enlarging, cropping, contrasting control and coloring control. The program lends itself as a medium for conducting our images as well. Apart from manipulating photographs in the program, one can also create original images. Due to this it widens the scope of use of the program to a variety of different software uses in designer careers like graphic designers, interior decorators, engineers, architects, clothing designers, game designers, as well as traditional photographers, photo editors and other design jobs.

Photoshop provides a vast array of interactive image manipulating tools that make the program an essential part of all graphic design jobs. These tools provide photo editors with endless possibilities that include the everyday chores for cleaning up images as well as enhancing these to make stark, dramatic images of daring impact. Each enhanced and developed version of Photoshop becomes easier to use for all designer careers as well as possessing the event stools to satisfy the most demanding image manipulator.
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