Functions of a Graphic Designer

In today's world there is no field which can do without graphic designers. Nowadays even newspapers and magazines utilize the services of graphic designers. They are called to design web pages as well; actually it has become a profession by itself. There is an increasing number of graphic designers specializing in digital media, including interactive media and multimedia schemes. Thus they have become omnipresent.

The services of graphic designers are used to design promotional displays, marketing brochures, packaging products, logos for products and businesses, credits at the beginning and end of movies and TV programs etc.

Graphic designers plan, analyze and design a visual answer to a communication problem. The message is conveyed through type, photography, animation, illustration, color and certain print and layout methods.

Before actually bringing out a message, a graphic designer has to do a lot of spadework. He has to understand the perception of his client and what he wants. He should have an elaborate discussion with his client so as to get all the relevant information the client must have gathered through his surveys so that he can understand the needs of the ultimate consumers to whom the message is meant for.

In many cases, the designer may have to consult copywriters to finalize the text to go with the visuals.

Many options are available for the designer to display his talent and skill. High-end graphics and layout software is available to present the layouts in an impressive manner.

If the designer is working with printing or publishing company, he has to work in tandem with the printer to choose the type of ink and paper to be used. The client my also rely on the designer to review and check the design to avoid errors before the final printing.
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