Tips for Design Jobs: Finding Creative Inspiration

Designer jobs, as with other jobs that are based on creativity, rely on creative inspiration to be productive. Some days, though, that inspiration can be fleeting or even nonexistent. This can cripple production and set off a vicious cycle of creative stagnation. These tips will help the graphic designer, creative designer and others in the field find the inspiration that they need to create and produce. These tips are great for all design jobs, graphic design and other creative arts jobs.

Surround Yourself with Great Work

When you surround yourself with great work, you will feel more inspired to create your own. Design jobs create a perfect environment to collect great work. When you find a piece that is particularly moving to you, post it around your work area. Put it in an area where you can see it easily and draw from the positive feelings you get from it. In most creative arts jobs, graphic design works are readily available. You can even put up some of your own work that you feel is particularly good.

Create an ''Inspiration Album''

Designer jobs rely on creativity and inspiration to achieve the desired product. Create an ''Inspiration Album'' of work that speaks to you. Keep it near your work area so that you can refer to it whenever you need a little inspirational boost. Find your inspiring pieces in magazines, newspapers and other areas, clip them and paste them in your book. You may even write your own impressions on the piece and include that in your book. If words move you, include some inspiring writing, quotes or poetry as well. That way, when your creativity is waning, you can wake it up with some inspiring works of whatever format you prefer.

Subscribe to a Trade Magazine

Trade magazines that focus on design jobs can provide great inspiration within their pages. You can see other artists' works, read their stories and learn more about your trade. These types of publications allow you to connect with others who are working in your field as well as learn more about your trade. You can pick up great tips and tricks from pros and achieve the visual stimulation that moves you in your creative process. Magazines in marketing, advertising, photography, graphic design and similar areas are all chock full of information and tons of creative inspiration.

Visit some Art/Photography Websites

Art and photography websites can offer visual stimulation, resulting in creative inspiration. Within these elements of creative arts hobbies and jobs, graphic arts, design, textures and colors come together to create an inspirational aura of creativity. Visit various websites of different genres. Modeling websites, photographers' websites, stock images sites and artist sites offer images that are moving and inspiring. Find high quality sites that stimulate your senses, engage you emotionally and impact you in some way. These are the images that will move you to create your own work.

Go Shopping

When you feel that your creativity has taken a nosedive, get up and go shopping. This works in two ways. One, it gives you a chance to walk away for a bit and remove yourself from the situation. When you get some distance between yourself and your project, you gain perspective. Two, you can browse advertisements, magazines and billboards, some of which may inspire you. And added bonus is that walking, or physical movement, is good for you. It causes your body to release endorphins, the ''feel good hormone,'' which, in itself produces creative inspiration.

You can survive creative dry spells, even in the toughest of designer jobs. Find what works for you.
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