Art Director

Formulates design concepts, selects locations and settings...

Formulates design concepts, selects locations and settings, and directs and coordinates set design, construction, and erection activities to produce sets for motion picture and television productions: Reads script and confers with heads of production and direction to establish budget, schedules, and determine setting requirement. Conducts research and consults experts to establish architectural styles which accurately depict given periods and locations. Conducts search for suitable locations and constructed sets. Assigns assistants and staff members to complete design ideas and prepare sketches, illustrations, and detailed drawings of sets. Directs design and production of graphics or animation to produce graphics or animation for on-air programs. Estimates construction costs and presents plans and estimates for approval. Directs and coordinates set construction, erection, and decoration activities to ensure that they conform to design, budget, and schedule requirements. Reviews budget and expenditures reports to monitor costs. May make rough drawings of design concepts. May formulate design concepts for costumes, makeup, photographic effects, titles, and related production items.
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