How to Write a Fashion Designer's Resume

If you're interested in fashion but don't know how to create the right resume, read on to discover what it takes to write a fashion designer resume that gets results. Be sure to focus your resume on your skills, your experiences, your training, and your education. By doing so, you'll be well on your way to landing your dream job as a fashion designer.

The last thing you’d want to do as a fashion designer is create anything stodgy and bland, and that should include your resume. True, it’s probably not advisable to mimic Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and print out your resume on pink paper; however, including creative experiences and skills might just be the thing you need to give yourself an edge. But where do you start? Unlike accounting or business resumes, which tout results, a fashion designer’s resume requires less hard data. Focus on your skills, experiences, education, and training when writing your fashion resume, and you’ll be well on your way to landing that interview you’ve been waiting for.

How to Write a Fashion Designer Resume: Focus on Your Skills

We’re all good at something, so be sure to flaunt your skills. Maybe you’re a whiz at sewing. Maybe you’re familiar with creative computer programs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Or perhaps you’re great at drawing sketches. In short, whatever your skills are, be sure to include them.

How to Write a Fashion Designer Resume: Focus on Your Experiences

As with most resumes, including work experiences on your fashion designer resume is important. It paints a good picture of the type of worker you are, the kinds of responsibilities you’ve had, and what you’re ultimately capable of. Be sure to include the company or boutique where you worked and a list of responsibilities you had in a given job. Be specific. Use action verbs. And include anything you believe will give you an edge over the competition, from descriptions of freelancing and assisting designers to working on runways.

How to Write a Fashion Designer Resume: Focus on Your Training and Education

Yes, including your education on your fashion designer resume is important; however, if you’ve received training outside of a classroom setting, be sure to list this as well. Maybe you’ve only received training as an apprentice or assistant. Well, don’t think twice about adding it to the “Training” section of your resume. And be sure to include the specific types of training you’ve received. Have you taken classes in draping, textile science, or pattern making? List them! Whatever training you’ve received, whether through a class or an apprenticeship, be sure to include it on your fashion designer resume.

Final Thoughts on How to Write a Fashion Designer Resume

After you’ve finished writing, take a moment to peruse your fashion designer resume. Does it list all the skills that you’ve acquired over time? Did you include specific responsibilities under your “Experiences” section? Did you remember to add all types of education and training, including class work and apprenticeships? If so, your fashion designer resume is ready to shine.
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