Sisler Johnston Interior Design Shows How to Reclaim Hidden Space and Add Value

Jacksonville, Florida — Smart planning and design can turn wasted space into something special. Interior designers, including Judith Sisler Johnston, president of Sisler Johnston Interior Design and ASID Allied Member, help builders and homeowners reclaim underused spaces and transform them into practical living areas in the home. In addition to providing extra living space, converting underused areas can add value to the home and increase its resale appeal.

"When wasted space is minimized, aesthetic appeal is maximized," said Sisler Johnston, who provides builders and homeowners with design improvements for new and remodeled homes. "Hidden spaces are valuable assets that are frequently overlooked."

One of the services Sisler Johnston provides is a design review to determine if the floor plan contains any "possibility areas." Once she draws furniture into the plan and adjusts for traffic patterns, Sisler Johnston carefully analyzes remaining space for possibilities which could add value and amenities to a home.

That's what happened with ICI Home's Turnberry model home at Highland Glen. Sisler Johnston and ICI Division President Don Wilford took a large plant shelf above the foyer and space from a large secondary bedroom to create a walkway to the plant ledge and a link to the existing loft, transforming it into a practical home office with computer desk and an inviting reading corner. As a result, ICI Homes is able to offer their buyers this functional amenity on its Turnberry floor plan.

Another area to consider for possibilities is connecting hallways. Sometimes they form part of a second floor balcony and their wider width allows you to consider building a lifestyle wall of bookcases that provides valuable book storage as well as shelves to display family photography or favorite collections.

Underused storage spaces often attract clutter. Sisler Johnston's creative redesign of storage and wasted space adds increased square footage, desirable amenities, and value to the home. Consider the large storage closet located under the stairs of a two-story home, which can be transformed into a customized wine cellar or children's playhouse. Or consider a broom closet filled with mops and cleaning supplies, which can be changed into a juice bar or serving buffet. Improvements to existing spaces also include built-in lockers for school or sports supplies. With any space, the possibilities are endless.

"By making the most of limited resources, I like to extend a home's worth and its usefulness," Sisler Johnston said. "Applying resourcefulness can provide you with the extra space you need and can add value to your home."

Sisler Johnston Interior Design of Jacksonville creates award-winning interior designs for the real estate industry, hospitality industry, and commercial and residential clients. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2004.

The Sisler Johnston team of licensed, highly trained, and gifted designers successfully creates living spaces from concept through realization throughout the United States. Judith Sisler Johnston combines experience, knowledge, and professionalism to help clients develop their visions while analyzing their design requirements. The company has been recognized with more than 50 industry awards, including Aurora, Laurel, and Excel awards.

For more information about Sisler Johnston Interior Design, call (904) 288-0908 or visit the website at
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