Decorating Your Apartment: Make It Your Space

Sure you've moved into a rented apartment, but that doesn't mean you can't spice it up and add your own character to the place. True, your landlord makes some requests of you: keep the music down, no dogs, etc., but where does it say, ''do not make your apartment your own unique space''? Nowhere. Now, I'm no expert designer, but after doing some research, I realized there are some universal tips we can all follow as we become our own apartment decorators. Below are some steps you can take to make your place feel more like a home than a leased space.

  1. Paint…if you can! Some landlords won't allow it, but some are okay with it. Make sure to ask your property manager, but if it's okay, and you have the time and energy, do it! You can turn your room into a personal space by adding your favorite color. Just make sure you're aware that you'll have to paint it back to the original color once you're ready to move on to a different location.

  2. Rugs are your friend. Moving into a new apartment myself, I've experienced this firsthand. Some carpets can be old, rough, or just plain tacky, so throw a rug on your floor and see what a difference it makes. You can choose a couple of different areas to cover, and viola!-you have a beautiful ground to look at.

  3. Get musically inspired! Why not turn on some tunes while you decorate?! Music can inspire things in you that you never thought you possessed. So pop in that favorite CD and let your decorating ideas flow.

  4. Flowers: fake or real. Real does beat fake - as in most situations - but don't be afraid to venture out into fake flower territory as well. Plants enhance the décor of your overall environment.

  5. Put up photos. You want to have your friends and family near, especially if you've moved to a new area. Place the pictures in places that make you feel the most comfortable.

  6. Add to the walls. A small nail here and there will not make or break your deposit, so explore your wall options. Now, this does not mean going crazy with the hammer, but do what you can to hang some nice items. Add artistic pieces or other things that will make your walls more your style.

  7. Get a good bed. It may seem minuscule, but it's a very important detail. You do not want to wake up with backaches and muscle spasms. So buy yourself a good, quality mattress. If you are feeling extra generous with your budget, buy a decorative headboard, and design your room based on that piece.

  8. Focus on you. Your place is where you will probably spend most of your time, so it should be decorated to please your tastes. Keep the accessories that represent you, such as music, DVDs, books, etc., close at hand.
Above all, make sure to rely on your own tastes, and focus on portraying your inner qualities through the atmosphere of your home. Listen to your gut, purchase some design books, and bring out the inner design diva in you! Happy decorating!
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